A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.

Message from the President & CEO

Congratulations on taking your first steps to financial freedom. The opportunity that is being presented to you is life changing. Our agency offers dedicated, motivated individuals the opportunity to improve their current financial health while creating financial stability for their future. Best Insurance Group was founded with the principals of improving the quality of life for our agents and our clients.

When I started in the insurance industry 20 years ago, I faced many obstacles that could have hindered my success. Newly graduated from college, young, no skill set and also an immigrant, I had to choose a career that I have financial independence quickly. Choosing the insurance field was the best decision I could have made. After learning as much as I could and moving through the ranks of the insurance agency, I decided to start my own agency. Within 15 years, my agency was acquired by an insurance entity, so I retired, and decided to travel the world. Once the traveling was done, I felt I needed to get back to work and share the opportunity with others. I searched for the top executives in the industry and recruited them to join me as I founded the next “BiG” thing, Best Insurance Group.

At Best Insurance Group we will provide you with all the tools needed to create and maintain financial independence. This opportunity will offer you access to training  by the best professionals in the industry. You will have access to leads, technology and leadership that surpasses other organizations in our industry. We are truly the Best Insurance Group. We appreciate, understand and value what an agent brings to the table. Our number one asset is our sales force. Be part of an organization that will reward and recognize you for all your efforts.

Come join our team!

President & CEO
Best Insurance Group

7650 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway #1200, Tampa, FL 33607